Lightcone Asset Management (Asia)

Strategic consultancy solutions

Leveraging our network in Asia, Middle East and Africa, we provide consultancy services on a wide range of non-financial activities including international trade, market entry and product distribution.


Strategic consultancy

Market expansion into South Africa

We advise international corporations to expand into South Africa, and the other markets in Africa, in areas such as Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment ("B-BBEE"), and to navigate across other barriers of entry such as procurement policy, tendering and business rivals.

Market expansion into Mainland China

We assist international corporations to expand into Mainland China in various forms, including joint venture with carefully selected domestic partners and to lease rights to local partners on a franchise model.

International sourcing and procurement

International trading of minerals and metals

We advise international metal traders to source suitable minerals in Africa:

  • platinum
  • palladium
  • chrome
  • coking coal
  • gold

International trading of medical supplies

We eliminate the market barriers for procurement and supplies of medical supplies between Africa and Asia. We supply:

  • personal protection equipment ("PPEs")
    • mask
    • sanitizer
  • medical equipments
    • infrared remote body temperature dedection
    • forehead thermometer

Business opportunities

We invite interested parties to connect with us on business opportunities.

Global head office: Hong Kong

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Phone : +852 2855 2033