Lightcone Asset Management

Specialist in Global Markets and Cross-border Transactions  

We invest in equities, fixed income, interest rate, foreign exchange, commodities and options. We also provide market access into and out of Mainland China, our hinterland, through professional advisory services.


Investment Advisory

Pre-trade: Fixed income research, selection, modeling and trading

We provide pre-trade advisory solutions to fixed income portfolios with a focus on Chinese financial institutions, Centrally Administered State-owned Enterprises and Real Estate Developers. Our professional solution includes quantitative fair value estimates, market risk, credit risk and liqudity risk profiling for our client to smoothen the investment process.

Post-trade: Portfolio risk management

We provide post-trade advisory solutions covering the on-going monitoring of risk positions, and to assist on sensitivity studies, stress testing and hedging implementations.

Mergers & acqusitions, buyouts

We assist investors to identify and invest into domestic and international targets, and in the process provide funding to support the transaction.

Asset Management

Trading and portfolio investments

We invest in the capital markets in Hong Kong and the United States, using event-driven as our core strategy with application on momentum stocks.

Principal investments

Our principal investment focus on commercialization of proprietary strategies developed by our Financial Engineering Laboratory.

Asset securitization

We improve capital structure of investments through setting up repackaging notes which reposition cashflows into identifiable risk and rewards.

Cross-border transactions

Into Mainland China and Greater Bay Area development plan

We provides market access to international investors to invest in selected fixed income, equity and private equity targets in China onshore, through mechanisms including Stock-Connect, Bond-Connect, Foreign Direct Investment ("FDI") and Qualified Financial Limited Partner ("QFLP"), in particular connected to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area ("Greater Bay Area") Development Plan between year 2020 and 2030. The 4 core and 11 key node cities are shown below.

Local expertise in BRI

Out of Mainland China, Belt-and-Road Initiatives ("BRI")

We assist Mainland Chinese investors to invest globally in connection to the BRI. Our presence in Middle East and Africa allows us to provide professional consultancy and agency services to investors on broad infrastructure assets such as energy, transportation, water and sanitation. Our local project expertise across the BRI regions are located in Oman, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, DR Congo, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Our BRI geographical coverage:

Local expertise in BRI

BRI Project Origination

Invitation for projects : We invite project owners at fund raising stage to contact us. We look at investments which are sustainable financially and environmentally, where we will bring in Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Financing ("EPC + F") to support the project implementation.

We invest in several sectors:

  • Energy: electricty generation, transmission and distribution; renewables
  • Transportation: road, bridge and ports
  • Water and sanition: water supplies and sanitation facilities
  • Natural resources
  • Agrictulture: contract farming

Email :

Phone : +852 2855 2033

Address : Room 28, 29th Floor, Infinitus Plaza, 199 Des Voeux Central, Hong Kong